Persian rug; the most beautiful piece of art a person can feel under their feet. People who don’t have them, wish to have one, and those who have one are most probably hoping to carpet all over their homes with them. These elegant, magnificently beautiful, soft, pieces of art are created with more than just composing the ingredients together; they are delicately and masterfully made with passion and patience in every single knot.

Persian rugs are unbelievably various in designs and colors, as well as materials, shapes and sizes.

Here at Persian Art Emporium Ltd, we are proud to present a wide selection of Persian rugs produced by some of Iran’s most celebrated brands known for their uppermost quality and outstanding designs. The majority of rugs come in various sizes to fit in every room and cover any area you wish to catch the eyes and cherish the feet! If you can not find what you need, simply ask: sales{at}persianartemporium{dot}com, or call us on: 01622 752144.

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